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Larva TUBA
LARVA - SUSHI | 2016 Full Movie Cartoon | Cartoons For Children | LARVA Official
A swarm of ants pass in front of Red and Yellow. Individual ants carries various food on their heads. Red and Yellow start picking food off of their heads and eat it like they are in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The ants realize that their food has been lifted off when they arrive at their tunnel......
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There is a flood in the sewer. Red and Yellow barely escapes the flood on a floating tree trunk, then a giant fish appears and threatens to eat them. Two worms start to run on it, making the trunk rolling, which then propels forward…

It is a cold winter day, snowing. Red and Yellow shiver inside the canister and suddenly a candy drops before them. As they are about to taste the candy, other insects come around the candy like a crowd of zombies. They decide to flee from the crowd and find their sanctuary on a top of garbage pile. They start to make snowballs and throw at the insects climbing up the pile. The snowball fight begins between the worms and the other insects.

Red and Yellow are eating food residue on the ground. They keep eating until there is only one piece left. Yellow quickly snatches the last remaining food and tries to run away. Red soon begins his pursuit. The pursuit ends in the corner of piles of trashes with an old mini piano...

🐌 SEASON 1 - Storm Drain 🐌
Red and Yellow, two strange Larva who live underneath a storm drain, encounter many surprises which fall from the outside world to their underground universe. For these two wriggly friends, anything is a good excuse for fun. See the world from Red and Yellow’s point of view, and experience what a dangerous and exciting place the world can be for such small friends.

Eager to explore the world above, Red & Yellow squat in an old house stuck between high-rise buildings in the big city. Exploring their new home and meeting new creatures means more laughs for the comic duo. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they find themselves in trouble together. A story of two cute and hilarious larva.

Now it's the New York City. Watch Red and Yellow’s incredible abilities while they explore the city. A whole new adventure in a bigger scale! The exciting survival story of two little Larva in New York.

💛 Yellow 💛 
Yellow is a dimwitted and happy-go-lucky yellow colored larva with an antenna. Yellow is always abused by Red, but that never endangers their friendship. Although usually he obeys Red, he loses his mind in front of food.
❤️ Red ❤️
Red is a mostly hot-tempered and greedy red colored larva. His specialty is shouting and kicking like Bruce Lee. He is always showing off and abusing Yellow, but he often ends up hurting himself instead.
💜 Violet 💜
Violet is an oversized ghost slug. He is sometimes shown with his lower half buried in the ground. When he is threatened, he exposes his whole body and roars.
🚪 Brown 🚪
Brown is a cloying dung beetle that gathers poop. To him, poop is either his food or his treasure. He hates it when other insects touch his prized poop. He has a long strand of hair on his right cheek.
⚫️ Black ⚫️
Black is a horned atlas beetle that has great strength and is usually punching a cocoon (which he uses as punching bag). He's aggressive and will beat up whoever he thinks is messing with him. In "Hello, Black" he turns out to be a slug wearing beetle armor.
🌈  Rainbow 🌈
Rainbow is a snail with a red and green shell. When in his shell, he's slow in his action, but under that he has a muscular human-like body and can function like humans do.
💟 Pink 💟
Pink is a pink larva with two antennae. She is the only recurring female character. She loves Yellow but Red loves her. She hides a great strength behind her cute, beautiful face.
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